Thursday, February 24, 2011


The YWAM team came with us to University two weeks in a row. First they went out around the campus, passing out flyers and inviting students to our group for fun and games. We had a pretty good turnout the first week and quite a few came back for the next. It was so nice the team had two weeks with us and the students to build relationships deeper.

The team had skits, fun action songs, and testimonies to share.

crazy games

Lalita loves to dance and loves to be in the middle of it all

playing the 'coin' game, always always lots of fun.

balloon relay race. Thais love games and competition, everyone gets really into it!

Lalita chilaxin' while the adults have fun

snack time!

Thais love taking photos and posing.

The team also went to our church, we invited some of the older kids from the fishing village. The team prayed for the children and gave them words. Some of them really felt God touching them and like God was right next to them. So so precious! The children meeting their Perfect Papa in heaven- the best thing ever to witness! Pray their families continue to let them come.

We had a going away dinner for the Amsterdam team. So much fun but makes it so much harder to say goodbye. We will miss you all!

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