Monday, February 28, 2011

Iris Thailand

I am heading up to Bangkok now meeting a team of 15 Iris Alumni to do a survey trip of Thailand. Iris wants to start a base in Thailand so we are going to scope out where God is calling us and who we should possibly partner with. It is a two week trip, spending one week in Bangkok and one week in Pattaya. We will be doing lots of outreaches to the bars and ministering and talking with girls and boys who are in the sex industry. We will also be spending time with the poor and praying for many ministries in the area. Pattaya is the biggest known city in Thailand for the sex industry. It is all in the open and in your face. The spiritual atmosphere is very thick there so we will definitely need your prayers as we usher in God's light and presence.

Please pray for unity for our team, super natural health, and protection. We are all so excited to see what God has in store for us and to share Papa God's Love with everyone we meet. Pray that God's presence goes before us and His power moves through us so everyone we meet can encounter the Love God has for them!

Also I will be trying to look for an apartment for myself. I will be moving up there the end of March to start my language school in April. It is a big city, so I will need God's direction as to where I should live. This can be stressful looking alone in a big city with a language I barely know. Please pray for divine connections for me and that apartment hunting will go smoothly and fall perfectly into place.

Love to all my friends. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Can't wait to share the stories and testimonies I'll have after this trip! I'm expecting bigger things than I can possible imagine!!

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