Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap

The Holiday season was quite busy over here. First started with our big Christmas day with everyone: Young Club, University, and church. We hired a song tow (truck taxis) to pick up all the village kids and bring them to the church. A week before, we passed out permission slips for the children to have their parents sign. We can't just be driving off with their kids, ya know. Since these kids are poorer, they also have a lot of responsibility- babysitting, laundry, cooking, going to market with mom, etc. So we were quite apprehensive what the turnout would actually be.

The day arrived to pick them up and there were quite a few tears and sad faces from those not allowed to go but we did end up with about 15. Strangely enough quite a handful of them rarely ever came to our weekly event, and some strong regulars couldn't come, but God knows who needs to be there the most.

playing lots of games

Each kid got a very nice present which is so special to them because they probably don't even get one from their parents. We had a nice big lunch as well. Everyone had a great time and it was so nice to have that finally completed.

Next was our family Christmas: simple and low key, right before the new baby.

We all got some yummy Sees Candy and I was given a Thai/English Bible from Phil and Pook.
my faithful follower always perched at my side.

For Christmas dinner we went out to our favorite restaurant in town that has become Christmas tradition. This was year 2 at the Tree House. This place is amazing, it is built all up in the trees and the tables are from trees- huge and solid.

Such goood food!!!
she's a wild one!
Amazing sunset to top off the night.

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mary elizabeth said...

looks wonderful!! your family is beautiful (including the beautiful people of Thailand)! and that sunset looks amazing, i want to eat at that restraunt! :)