Friday, January 9, 2009


It is great living here and helping with the baby. I am getting such hands-on experience and realizing how much your life changes with a baby. As cute as they are, they are a lot of work. Nonstop really. They are completely helpless, completely dependent on YOU. It's exhausting. I'm glad I can be here for them and be an extra body to distribute some responsibility. It's like they say, being a mother (father) is a completely selfless act, you are now living for that child and what they need... your wants are pushed to the side.

Everyone has a certain age in children that is their favorite. For some it's infancy, others toddlers, some 5 year olds, and for others 10 or so. Mine has always been age 1-4. They are just starting to really respond, react, walk around, and be able to hold their can pick them up, throw 'em around and not break 'em. It is so fun to play with them and make them giggle- that is my greatest delight. I could do that all day. I have been blessed to babysit many families and most always have a child in this age group- it is wonderful! Don't get me wrong, I love all ages of children but I can 'relate' most to the toddlers. When they reach about age 5 their own personality, wants, dislikes, attitude, etc. comes in strong and they are kind of a 'real' person now- they are more mature, and frankly harder to pick up and maneuver.

I want children someday. A lot of children. And I'm getting a first-hand view of what the start of that will look like. The more you have the easier it is, I'm not worried about that- there's more entertainment for the younger ones and the older ones can help out, plus your lives have already changed from the first and you know what to expect; so the others just follow suit. Even though I see friends of mine with a cute little family and baby, I'm alright, I'm content; because there is still more I want to do before I reach that stage.

So here's to the future and all that it holds, starting with 2009. I hope life brings you unexpected turns, that you take them with grace, and you find greater delightenment (new word) in this life than you have before!


The Taylors said...

What a cutie! Thanks for a reminder of the fact that being a parent is a totally selfless act. What I want most is to be sleeping, but I'm up with a sick little boy since 2am!

Jesse said...

Aw Tash! Lalita is so beautiful! You look like a little mommy with that baby! Thanks for your prayers on the place, it was incredible how everything fell so perfectly into place. Prayers were certainly answered. As far as details, well, its nothing like the house Im in now, but its cute and cozy and I'll have my own room and bath!

Amy said...

Wow Natasha! You are so lucky to be spending such quality time with this beautiful baby!! You are dead on about being a parent though, you are getting prepared for your time when it comes!! We miss you but are happy you are having such a fabulous time! Send your bro and Pook & ofcourse Lalita our love!!

Amy, Rob, & Tianna