Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memory Lane

I have been strolling on memory lane lately and it's been pretty great. Recently I watched the reality show Survivor All Stars and then Amazing Race All Stars. I had seen both before but it had been years. I love reality shows, especially those two. I wish I could do the Amazing Race, it would be so fun- especially since you get to do it with a friend. I watched enough of them that I'm sure I would be great at it- I know all the tricks. Watching makes me want to buy a 'round the world ticket' and just go for it. Take a year or so off of life and go experience the world and meet people you would never be able to dream up. When it comes to Survivor I'd like to think that I would be good at it. I probably wouldn't be good at the scheming part, I think better at the surviving. I would love to just go off and live off the land, survive completely with your own two hands... there is something spiritual about that.

Phil figured out how to play Nintendo games on the computer and downloaded games to play. We bought controllers to plug into the computer. We've been playing Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Bomber Man, and Earth Bound just to name a few. We have been having so much fun; finding games we forgot about and bringing back tons of memory. With an older brother you definitely grew up playing Nintendo. That is what you would do on weekends when you were a kid,. I've been able to become a kid again. No responsibilities, worries, deadlines, stress, none of it. Just doing whatever the heck I want.

At first I was kind of in limbo, wanting/needing to do something- work, have a schedule, etc. But now I've become okay with it. I teach a couple days of the week, do church, help with Lalita and enjoy time with the family; other than that I can do as I please. How often in life can you do that, become a kid again?? Not very. Life will become insanely busy again before I know it... until then...

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mary elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, good times! I remember playing nintendo over at your house! :D

I love that last photo of you... you look so beautiful! I am glad you are having such an enjoyable time over in Thialand!

I just watched The Amazing Race for the first time this past season, and I totally LOVE it! I don't know how great I would be at it, but I think my sister Anna & her husband would be really great at it too. I am sure you would be awesome at it! So fun!