Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Adventure

My mom and I and all our stuff (and the baby stuff) made it all here perfectly. The trip over wasn't too bad but our last flight was delayed 4 hours, so by the time we got there we were quite exhausted. The weather here is surprisingly not that bad because it is the rainy season. There is more cloud covered so the sun isn't too intense. My brother's house is very nice they have put a lot of work into it. My mom and I each have our own room, so it is really comfortable.

As some of you know, the owners of my brother's house has decided to put it up for sale, which means they are forced to look for another house to rent. In Thailand the only way to look for houses to rent is to drive around and look for little signs outside. It is not decent enough for my brother to invest in it and buy it though so yesterday we drove around town looking for houses but it is looking very bleak. So pray that the perfect house will come across our paths. Also yesterday they had their Young Club. It was a smaller group of kids, only about 4 around age 12. They sing songs, my sister-in-law Pook plays guitar and sings, then she tells them a Bible story. And they do a craft and play games. The children are so excited to come, they come early and never want to leave.

Today we went to the store and got groceries. Some Thais are not used to foreigners or they are just really fascinated by them so they love to stare. As we were shopping some would completely stop and just watch us and follow us around. I forgot you have to get used to having an audience everywhere you go.

We also went to the zoo today. It was quite fun, small, but also a little sad. Most animals were in really small, dirty cages, and didn't move much. They have a tiger that looks like it is wasting away. They also have a lot of bears. The crazy thing is you can go right up to the cage and the bear will stick is paw out, there is no other surrounding bar to keep back from the cage. They have signs on all the cages with the Thai name and then also the English name, but the English name is the scientific name- it is really long and hard to pronounce, so I really had no idea what animal it was.


mary elizabeth said...


A- I am so glad you guys arrived safely!

B- I am so glad you decided to start a blog, too!

and C- I am so happy to be able to stay updated on your time in Thailand. From your email it sounds like Pook is doing amazing! Do you know what they are having? A boy or a girl?

Jesse said...

glad you have a blog tash! happy you are there and off to a good start of your adventure. miss you dearly!

The Taylors said...

Mary just told me about your blog! Have fun in Thailand!

Eliza said...

I hope that the perfect house comes along, that sounds like it could get pretty stressful.

And hooray for a baby on the way! All the more reason I'm happy you started a blog.